A good foundation


Well the raspberry leaf tea hasn’t had quite the desired effect.  Maybe it would have been more efficient if I’d taken up Mandy’s suggestion and added the rum?

On the side of silver linings this did mean that I got to go to this month’s block of the month class, so after a little bit of finishing things off this afternoon, I’m a whole block nearer a finished quilt:
September 230

I don’t think it has an official name so it’s now christened ‘Anita’s star’ because she made it for the class. 

It looks far more tricky than it actually is by virtue of the wonders of foundation piecing.  Having never tried it before I am now completely converted to its merits; well what’s not to love about a method of piecing that gives you precise and beautiful points without having to be precise and beautiful with your seam allowances or ability to sew straight lines.

The only slight down side is that the magic paper that we were using isn’t the easiest thing to tear out afterwards, but I suspect that as with all things there is a knack and it’s just a question of practice. 

This is the ninth block so even if the bear decides that my attendance at any future classes is a bad idea, I’ve got enough blocks to make a quilt of sorts (although I hope I do get to finish).

The problem with all of this fun quilting is that it just tempts you into more – I’ve got serious cravings to the Oh Fransson Tokyo Subway quiltalong which I keep having to rationalise every time I find myself sat in front of the fabric stash eyeing up the scraps by colour.

I do have another temptation thanks to a wonderful and generous gift from the lovely Jiva who sent me a copy of her baby blanket pattern which is stunningly beautiful and a very clever construction; when I’m not watching the fabric stash, I’m eyeing up the yarn …!

I’d like to think that all this good fortune is of the sort that comes in threes and that this is therefore a good omen for an impending arrival, but as ‘our county’ just won the cricket, I think I’ve just hit my three for the day!

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  • Caroline M 18/09/2010 at 10:17 pm

    I got as far as “what’s not to love” and I was cackling. I have made entire quilts out of paper pieced blocks and the ripping was always a pain. Even if you rip well (a compass needle run down the stitch line helps no end) there’s still an unbelievable mess all over the floor.

  • mandycharlie 19/09/2010 at 11:18 am

    I do like the idea of the Tokyo Subway, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if you made it the London Underground. It could be your first exhibition piece. (not that your having a baby or anything)

    Your star looks wonderful, much better than my current version.