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Round things and rainbows


Geometrically, a sphere is the 3-D shape with the highest volume to surface area ratio. Only because spheres do not stack very well on supermarket shelves do chopped tomatoes come in cylindrical tins.

It’s also pretty hard to make spherical cakes. It’s not at all hard to make trapeziumical-cylinder cakes (and no I don’t think that’s a word either). Every now and then I swing from a period of not wanting to cook anything, to longing to be in the kitchen. It is the former that keeps our local takeaways in business and the latter that means that occasionally I come home and make these:
October 007

Pink fairy cakes – vanilla flavoured with pink lemon icing and silver sort-of-heart shaped dragees for decoration. Yum – at least I think so; I’m being terribly restrained and waiting for H to come home to try them. I made these from my own recipe but these:

October 012
Are a variation on Jane Brocket’s recipe for Rock Buns in The Gentle Art of Domesticity which is my current favourite read. I couldn’t find my fresh nutmeg so I used 1/2 tsp ish of ground ginger and as I had a cooking apple on its last legs on the work surface I popped that in as well. The result is an autumnal halfway point – the dried fruit points towards forthcoming mince pies and the cakey-ness refers back to the buttery scones of summer. Three have gone already which I think speaks for itself.

Continuing my theme of round things (I’ll do rectangular things tomorrow, I promise), I have buttons for the Rainbow Baby Surprise, and, somewhat predictably, they are rainbow coloured:
October 002

Options were considered, a poll was taken, the votes (all 5 of them) were counted and the result was that these little spots of colour narrowly edged out wooden ladybirds by an antenna. So narrowly in fact that the little ladybird buttons came home too!

And my final round thing for today is:
October 003

My one and only sunflower of the summer which bloomed and promptly fell over on top of the fuschia crushing the goldenrod into disarray in the process. By the time it stopped raining and we got time to go outside and look it was beyond rescue so it’s now sat on my kitchen windowsill – summer’s final hurrah!

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